I'm an older adult and concerned about whether this plan will work for me?

The Body Weight BEAST program is certainly an option for older adults. Since the movements are all body weight only, this creates a great opportunity to gain strength without the need for heavy weights or equipment.

However, based on any limitations you may have, you may have to omit a few exercises from certain workouts since some are more aggressive than others. BUT THAT'S PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE!

You know your physical limits better than anyone else. Use your best judgement with each exercise. Watch the demonstration videos for each workout so that you are 100% sure of what the exercise is and determine if it's right for you.

Then if you omit 1, 2 or 3 moves, just add in extra sets of the exercises that you are most comfortable with from that workout routine. Stick with the weekly guidelines and do your best to follow the workout 30-day phases, just tailor the workouts to your personal needs. Listen to your body. Over time you will build up your body and your confidence to try new things.

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