Can’t I just get all this information from the Internet?

Sure, you could spend hours and hours trying to find all this information online, but the truth is a lot of this simply isn’t in the public domain. My research took me far and wide to discover what I found. And, more importantly, I walked the walk. I bought, tried out and tested all the nutrients you see in the manual. (Some of the clickbait articles you’ll read on health sites on the Internet have been written by guys who haven’t even seen the things they’re writing about).

If you’re looking for help online, please BE AWARE. There is a ton of misinformation about testosterone and how to deal with low T. Not only is some of this information just plain wrong, it’s dangerous. You really have to be careful who you take advice from as the medical industry has a huge agenda in pushing low-T sufferers towards prescription drugs and medicated answers.

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