What Causes My Tight Hips?


“Hello Rick,

I have recently had a partial tear in a quad muscle that I think happened in part because of tight hips/hamstrings. Even before I got hurt I had a hard time squatting just to pick things up usually bending at the waist instead, also have some narrowing of the spinal nerve openings (stenosis) in lumbar region.”

~ Phil V



The cause of tight hips is usually due to too much sitting. There are other reason, but sitting is the most common. As for your partial tear, you may need to consult with your doctor – but I will say that overuse is usually the cause of a torn quad. Eccentric force puts lots of stress on the muscle and tight hips and quads can lead to muscle imbalances. Running down hill, landing from a jump or simply just lowering your body on one leg abruptly can lead to a tear. However, everyone’s situation is unique and it takes a lot of weakening of the muscles for this to occur.

Another cause could just be just not warming up properly.

Lastly, for a tear to occur, it takes lot of abuse to the muscle.

I hope that helps clear things up.

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