What Is A Good Exercise To Relieve Stiffness?



I have the same question as #3. I have to sit at a desk all day writing procedures. What is a good exercise just to relieve the stiffness? I already grabbed a ream of paper to use to swing my leg.

I find myself absorbed in a project and not getting up for 4 or 5 hours. When I get up I am really stiff.”

~ Joseph G



The simplest thing I would suggest is to walk around. A brisk walk if possible. If you have no where to walk, pace in your office. I personally have a standing desk and have a fairly uncomfortable chair. So even if I’m sitting a lot, I’m forced to move due to discomfort.

The body adapts to the position it stays in the most, so if you’re sitting 4+ hours intensely working on a project, your body will figure out a way to make that position easy to stay in. When you try to get out of it, you’re stiff. The best thing to do is to move around every couple minutes. The best thing you can do is stand up 10 minutes out of every hour, it really makes a difference.

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