What is "Body Weight Beast"?

Get Completely Ripped & Chiseled in 30 Days


This Body-Weight BEAST program is 4-weeks of full body strengthening mixed with cardiovascular training, resistance conditioning, core development and metabolic bursting and incorporates all FOUR strength types.

As we age, we lose major ground with our strength to weight ratio unless of course it’s part of our routine. Most guys spend all their time moving around free weights and sitting on machines in the gym to gain strength and muscle mass and that’s not a bad thing because working out is awesome….

However, the trouble with ONLY using that approach is that over time these same guys will lose something very important to them: Body-weight Strength.

Moving your own body effectively is vital to a healthy life, to survival and it becomes increasingly important as we age.

Get GREAT at moving your body again by focusing on body weight only exercises.

Click Here to Become a Body-Weight BEAST

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