Here Is A Small Sample Of What You Will Learn with “Savage Strength Training”:

  • The true answer for rock hard abs and core stabilization… and it’s not high rep ab exercises
  • Why cancelling your gym membership could be the best thing you ever do for your strength gains (but you don’t have to cancel your gym membership if you don’t want to)
  • A special technique for shocking your system that develops mental toughness like nothing else (hint: it’s got to do with a thermometer)
  • The natural movement patterns of the body that must be trained in order to harness your true strength potential
  • The little known secret you can learn from power lifters about rep speed to prevent your nervous system shutting down and turning off your muscles. This ensures your body can always perform the strength tasks you ask of it
  • Marine Inspired killer “century sets” that trick your body into recruiting additional motor units therefore building greater power and stimulating more muscular activity… you won’t find this talked about in any glossy newsstand bodybuilding magazine
  • The ideal tempo you want to lift super heavy weight at… and how to tweak the tempo of lighter weights to massively increase their effectiveness for strength (and even muscle size)
  • The lie that you have been fed by personal trainers in every gym and how it is stealing away your strength gains
  • The crazy leverage tricks that can be learned from Slim “The Hammerman” Farman that you can apply to bodyweight training (or even some items from the local hardware store) to force your body into increasing strength
  • Why the simple concept of off-balancing load can do amazing things for strength development and stabilization of our bodies and how to apply this to a handful of basic exercises you are probably doing already… this transforms basic exercises into brutally effective strength builders and builds an iron core of stabilization
  • The secret to managing your fatigue correctly so you not only train your muscles for strength but your central command center the nervous system… this “flies in the face” of conventional bodybuilding training
  • Why training to failure, training for the pump, burn or using high intensity can not only be hazardous to making continued progress but can lead to burnout… get this wrong and you will never reach your strength goals
  • A simple shortcut to instantly get more focus in the gym and shut out all those annoying distractions
  • How to smash through barriers and stop the body “thinking” it can’t do things. The body has protective mechanisms set in place from previous experience and mental beliefs and if you don’t train the body correctly these will always be there limiting your strength
  • The strength building tip you can steal from world class gymnasts that will allow you to build super human type strength
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