When Should I Do The Exercises? How Often to Achieve Maximum Benefits?


“Thank you! I have had chronic hip pain for years and it has recently become unsustainable.

It wakes me up at night, prevents me from sleeping in the morning and hurts when I exercise. I am 47 female and in decent shape. Need to lose 15 lbs.

Should I do your program just before working out? Hours apart? Different day? How often for max benefit?”

Thank you so much!
~Paul and Briana E


Dear Paul and Briana,

You should do these exercises everyday and if you want faster results, do them twice day. The follow along video is an excellent warm up drill, but more importantly, aids in correcting proper length to your hip flexors.

The best results come from actively engaging the glutes and core while doing the stretches to prevent any unnecessary lower back movement.

You want to do more than just “go through the motions.” Follow these instructions each time you perform the movements.

For more support for the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, please submit a ticket here.

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