Which Workout Should Be Done First – Hip Flexors or Hamstring?


“Hi Rick, two questions from me:

1. I saw your email on 3 plate exercises to save your hips. Would you recommend someone with tight hip flexors and are currently doing your Unlock your hip flexors do these plates exercises that you showed with Orsy? If so, when should the plates be done, before or after the Unlock Your Hip Flexors routine?

2. In buying the Unlock Your Hip Flexors, customers are given Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings. If I were to do hip flexors and hamstrings one after the other in the same workout, which one should be done first – hip flexors first or hamstring first?

Thanks, Rick.

Btw, do you have any plans to do an “unlock” routine for extreme forward head posture?”

~ Jason L



1. Yes, I would recommend anyone to that’s doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexor Program do the 3 plate drills. It can be done before or after or both. If I had to choose one I would do them after unlock your hip flexors program.

2. You can do them in any order and there is no difference in effectiveness. The hip flexor drill might take a little more energy, so you might want to do those first before the hamstring, but outside of that you can choose whichever suits your preference.

Unlock Routine for Forward head.. hmmm. quite possibly in the future.

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