Difference Between Tight Hip Flexors and Sciatica


“I have a tight left hip and get periodic chiro to release it but no amount of massage or chiropractic has ever fixed the problem. After reading both UYHF and back pain programs I am unsure if I am dealing with tight hip flexors or sciatica. Any suggestions on how to isolate the issue so I can focus on the right remediation?”



Hi David, this is Tin from EFI,

With sciatica, the pain pattern is generally from the back (gluteals) that radiates down to the back of the knee and sometimes lower. Tight hip flexors will present as limitation of motion in one area, but does not have pain that “shoots down” to the lower parts of the leg. The pain pattern if present will be localized to one area. Hope this information helps!

Justine Nierras
Physical Therapist for

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