You’re so right that all my preparation and training means absolutely nothing if I ‘freeze’ when it hits the fan… but how long will it realistically take to develop mental toughness with this program?

Students of the Psychology of Strength program have reported improvements in their mental toughness after just one session working with the presentations. However, the best results and the most impressive changes in individuals have come through consistently practicing the mental strengthening exercises for at least 90 days.

This time is long enough for habits to form and significant changes to happen.

What Mike shows you on concentration and focus will make an immediate difference to every part of your life, from physical exercise through to your working life. Many people don’t realize just how much they are swayed by emotion until they become mindful of it - through the program.

Dive into Mike’s presentations in Part 2 and his mental strengthening exercises in Part 3 to discover how to start improving your mental toughness.

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