Importance of Testosterone


No hormone gets as much press in strength training as the capital T and for good reason. Testosterone is what makes men, men. Without testosterone coursing through our veins, we would never grow facial hair, have energy or be TEN TIMES stronger than women. It is the KING of all male hormones and it is the bus driving all of the other muscle building hormones.

HOW TO STIMULATE IT: Although there are several factors that stimulate elevations in Testosterone, it appears that exercise selection may be the key variable. Large, compound exercises such as the squat, bench press and deadlift have been shown to produce large elevations in Testosterone as compared to exercises that stimulate smaller muscle groups.

Note: You need to structure your exercises in the right order to get the most benefit. Make sure you put your multi-joint mass building exercises first in your routine! Research proves this is critical and elevates the release of testosterone throughout your workout.

You'll want to lift heavy with 85-95% of your one rep max. Take 1-3 minute rests between sets for optimal results.

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